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The perfect One Sheet makes it easier for podcast hosts to say "YES" to an interview.

Your One Sheet is a key component to getting hosts to say YES to your podcast interview. It gives the host everything they need to know about you on a single page and is often your first opportunity to make a good impression.

It should be professional, simple, and easy to read. Providing a boiled-down overview of your business and expertise while piquing their interest and highlighting you as a unique individual who will bring value to their listeners.

Discover the 9 key components to the perfect one sheet. 

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We recently asked a group of podcast guests: "What is one piece of advice you would give podcast guests? "

One of the most common pieces of advice: Be prepared! 

Being prepared begins long before the interview. 

A perfect One Sheet allows the podcast host to quickly see everything they need to know about you and the value you can provide to their valued listeners. 

Gain access to Interview Valet's highly regarded one sheet developed and refined from thousands of host feedback over the last 9 years.

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We share Interview Valet’s customized one sheet design, developed and refined from thousands of host feedback over the last 9 years. Also sharing what NOT to do and why it isn't serving you.

PLUS Hear from IV's own Podcast Relationship Manager & One Sheet master, who shares her first-hand feedback from the guest and host perspective.

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Business Ownership Podcast

"Don’t get stuck on your way of doing things. Have the standard things prepared, your headshot, bio, questions, optin links etc, but then be prepared to have a conversation and have a little fun with it. Trust that their show is going to go the way every other one of their shows have gone, awesomely, and have a conversation with them. Especially true when the host has history. Otherwise have some training points prepared.... And if they ask you an off the wall question, just talk about the first thing that comes to mind and have fun with it."

Michelle Nedelec, Host of The Business Ownership Podcast