The State of Podcast Guesting

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Our internal database allows us to see trends first, lead the market, and deliver unique results to our clients.


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It isn't about doing more, it's about doing it better. 

A large part of doing better, not more, is data.

One of our core values is that our only true competitive advantage is the ability to quickly adapt and execute. It's why we collect data on everything we do.

Nine years, 75K+ interviews, and 200M+ listens worth of data. Continuously working to serve the needs of the ever-evolving podcast industry. 

"In God we trust, everyone else brings data." We continually test, measure, evaluate, and improve. 

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As presented at Podcast Movement for the last seven years. 

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IV Founder & CEO provides insights from the State of Podcast Guesting Report.

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Discover industry trends and predictions to make better, more informed decisions for your business in 2023.

Interview platforms and video trends.

Timelines for interview introduction to invitation to recording to live. 


Where is podcast guesting growing the fastest?