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Maximize your results from your podcast interviews by giving your listeners a customized place on your site.

A welcome page allows you to meet your audience where they are in a personalized and meaningful way. Giving you a scalable way to turn passive listeners into active visitors, and in turn, maximizing your results.

Think about it - If someone listens to your interview for 30+ minutes and wants to find out more about you - give them that opportunity. 

Discover the 7 key elements every welcome page should have to maximize your results.

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A welcome page is the number one way to definitely track your podcast guesting ROI. 

This isn't opinion. We track data on everything and this is what our experience has shown us from over 9 years and more than 75K interviews.

Your listeners may hear your interview within the first 30 days it goes live or 5 years from now. Long-term content deserves it's own permanent place on your website.

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In this quick discussion, we explain

  • The What, Why, & When of a welcome page.
  • 7 elements every welcome page should have
  • Systems and best practices to put in on automation in your business.

Watch The Full Discussion Here.

Your podcast interviews allow you to talk directly to your target audience. Your welcome page allows you to meet them where they are, turning those listens into quality leads.

Go For Launch podcast

"Take the time to promote your guest appearances. You'd be surprised how many people will spend hours doing podcast interviews, but fail to take advantage of telling the world about them! It also helps show hosts when they get new backlinks. You can simplify the process by creating a post template. Bonus tip: If you do this before you record, you can create a landing page with a URL that references the show, such as []/showname. Post about the episode on social media, and be sure to mention the host."

Brandon Uttley, Host of Go For Launch Podcast